Restaurant ROCCA 800°C

Enjoy our passion for consistent meat quality

At Restaurant ROCCA 800°C the temptation comes from our exclusive 1500°F hot US broiler. Selected, fine-grained meat of the best origin – juicy tender to the bite, coated in a dark crust with delicious roasted aromas. At ROCCA 800°C, quality in sourcing, preparation and enjoyment is a top priority.

The ideal setting to experience this red-hot affair of selected meat specialties with the latest cooking technology up close: the charismatic ROCCA restaurant of the Gehry buildings, located on Düsseldorf's harbor basin. The buildings which attract with their asymmetry and rich contrasts the gaze of all passers-by were completed by the US star architect Frank Owen Gehry in 1999 in Düsseldorf's Media Harbor.

Fleisch wird im Grill zubereitet, Feuer, Dampf und Qualm
Wanddekoration, Bullenköpfe in Silber
perfektgegrilltesT BoneSteak
Pflanze mit roten Blättern

Restaurant & bar

Premium atmosphere at ROCCA 800°C

The restaurant's entrée, luxurious ambience and top service, our diverse bar with an innovative wine cooling system, a wide selection of fine spirits and cocktails – the combination of culinary, design and humanity makes ROCCA 800°C one of the hottest hotspots in Düsseldorf.


Summerfeelings -Get together-


Dine and linger with a view of the Rhine

The outdoor area of our sun-drenched terrace with its great view of Düsseldorf's Media Harbor underlines the high level of gastronomic art at ROCCA 800°C. This is the place where Rhenish nature meets trendy nightlife – just one of the reasons why our terrace is so popular with our guests on warmer days.

Kellner schenkt im Außenbereich Wein aus
zwei Gäste im Restaurant Rocca 800°C im Außenbereich beim speisen
Rocca Außenbereich bei Sonnenschein im Sommer
DJ legt Musik im freien auf
Dj sorgt draußen für Livemusik
Außenbereich Tisch mit Weingläsern und lila Pflanze
Feuer im Glaskasten
Außenbereich Stühle mit Rocca Aufschrift
Rocca Außenbereich bei Sonnenschein im Sommer
Außenbereich Tisch mit Rotwein und lila Pflanze
Frontansicht mit Düsseldorfer Skyline im ROCCA 800°C

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